For All Men – 9 Tips To Be A Perfect Husband To Your Wife!

Just like a forever-happy woman is a myth, even ‘Perfect Husband’ is a myth too. We all want someone who’s perfect in every sense, but we all know that it’s impossible. You love that girl and you don’t want to give up. So what you should do? Try to be the ‘perfect husband’ she always wanted! This is not as hard as it looks! Let’s see few tips that can change you from ‘just normal’ husband to ‘perfect husband’:

1.    He’s so funny:

Every woman wants her husband to be funny or with a good sense of humor. Some women are easy to flatter while some are too smart to laugh at your stupid jokes. So what to do? Nothing, keep trying! Don’t forget that even smart women love the “never stop trying” attitude.

Funny Husband

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2.   Cook Food:

An ideal husband knows ‘cooking’. So, if you lack those skills, still give it a try. And when you think that you can’t do this, make a cute face and ask your wife sweetly “Honey, I was trying to make a special dish for you. But I think I messed up. Can we go out for dinner today at your favorite place?” (but don’t forget to clean up the mess first!)

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3.   Fights:

Now this is one big deal. If you guys fight like cats and dogs, you know where “respect” can take a place in your marriage. When you think you’re going to enter into a fight, simply take-out a bowl of ice cream, turn up the TV and watch your first date movie (Of course, with your wife!).

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4.   Kids:

You must ‘love’ to spend time with your kids if you want to be a perfect husband. Don’t think it as a duty! Instead, think as if you can relive your childhood days again. Video games, ice cream, candies, surfing, TV, like you did! (But don’t forget to tell them that no need to say everything about us to mom!).

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5.   Emotional Baggage:

Yes, women sometimes (okay, mostly) are emotional. How to turn her emotional moment into a happy moment? You only need to talk and say few assuring words. Voila! And she’s smiling! (By talking, we don’t mean business or stocks, it should be something like her dress, eyes, lips, smile, or anything she loves to talk about).

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6.   Commitment:

You should stick to your promises. If you want to become perfect husband, make commitments that you can follow! How hard is to buy eggs from a store or bring flowers home? (If you can remember the next match date, you do not have right to forget your “to-do” list!)

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7.   Dates:

The “date reminder” game is dangerous. You can’t miss your anniversary, her birthday or her parent’s birthday! There’s nothing wrong with keeping a reminder of the important dates. Just make sure you keep reminder a day before so that you know you have to buy a gift today!

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8.   Bed Time:

Just like you want a happy sex life, even she wants the same. Discussing your fantasies with your wife is actually cool. She’ll know that you love to share everything with her. Likewise, encourage her to share her fantasies with you (who knows, you may share the same one!).

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9.   The ‘Staring’:

There’s this super hot woman, you can’t stop yourself from seeing her. You know your wife is just next to you. What should you do? Start criticizing (while looking at that woman) her looks, make-up, dress, shoes, and say this woman does not have a smart dressing sense like you! (And it’s a homerun!)

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