Bucket List – 5 Fun Things We Must Try Before We Die!

Okay, this list can be as long as The Great Wall of China, but narrowing down it to the Berlin Wall size is really corny! But life comes with “age” limit and not everyone is blessed with immortality. So what should be on your bucket list of “To do before die”? Are those things really necessary, fun or just out-of-the-box for you? Can anybody do it? May be or may be not! But there are surely few things that any human can try before getting buried under the dirt.


  1. Experience Gravity:

How many of us have the courage to jump in the air or do bungee jumping? But, for tasting the real “element” of the universe, you got to try Gravity! No, having “zero fats” on the body is not anywhere near to gravity! So you have to find something like “Zero Gravity Corporation”, an American company that lets you experience “how it’s like to be 0 pounds!”



  1. Watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

No, not on TV! Seeing the Victoria’s Angels performing in person is what you should do at least once before you die! Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a cutthroat vibe you can ever experience! One way to get in this show is to perform on this show (but only killer looks are applicable, lol). Or pay lump sum money like $20k! Wait; do we get free drinks after paying for a ticket?



  1. Cuddle a Tiger:

Slow down animal lovers! You can cuddle with a tiger. But for the faint hearts, baby tigers are also available. Embracing a ferocious animal will certainly make you feel like Mowgli, but don’t get high hope that you can talk to them. Chiang Mai and San Diego Zoo are the places where you can feel like Mowgli for a day.



  1. Drive Like NFS:

There are ways to drive like racers, apart from PSP, X-Box or Racetrack! Of course, you can’t start imitating like a racer from the street down your home. Fortunately, there are few places like Toronto Motorsports Park, Mission Raceway Park, Atlantic Sports Car Club, where anybody can drive with their rides, as fast as they can, as long as you have a valid license (without the need to follow Fast & Furious Stunts!).


  1. Traveling like a novice:

This means you travel without being a ‘traveler’. Yes, getting to a new place, without any plans, itinerary, or guidebook, is like dealing with a whole ‘new self’! (Of course, you need money!) But staying at a completely strange place that you never wanted, is to shout to yourself that nothing is permanent!



And the last one for those who like to refill their energy with risk and something mind-boggling is to take a dip into “Devil’s Pool”. On the edge of the Victoria Falls, Devil’s Pool gives you a deception as if you’re going to fall and die in the strong water from the height of around 108 meters. But you won’t fall! It’s not named as “Devil’s Pool” without any reason!