Pokémon Go – Check Out Some Side Effects Too!

We can never have enough of the social buzz. Something or the other comes up that’s keeps us engaged to our phones or desktop. For instance we started off with social media platforms like Orkut and then moved to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The advent of Smartphone broke out an avalanche. A series of games grabbed the undivided attention like Temple Run, Subway Suffer, Candy Crush and now the chart buster Pokémon Go – The newly launched game for iPhone users (soon for Android as well) has witnessed an altogether different level of craziness. However, every good thing has some side effects attached – Check out these side effects of Pokémon Go:


You may have to re-shuffle your exercise schedule.

For all other games, you needed to grab the pair of pillow, relax your back and strain your eyes for really long, but Pokémon Go forces you to go to many places to catch different Pokémon. And not just that, to earn points you have to walk down the distance, like some 10 km. Don’t think about cheat tricks in this smart era. You distance is calculated by your speed and other factors. So do not try to take a ride and gain some points. After all no pain, no gain.

excersiseYou may land up in some creepy place

Everything good needs some patience and hard work. Same goes for this epic game. You need to be patient to look out for Pokémon and struggle to find unique ones in even more unique places. According to some tell tales, players walked to museums, historical places and even to graveyards to catch them. You need to be careful in searching them because you may land up in a spooky place you never wanted to be.
creepy place

You may freak out others

You’re the lucky one if you find a Pokémon in your own house. Yay! But, wait a second, you are not that lucky. If you could catch a Pokémon at your place, others can find it too. Similar scenarios have been there when random people barged houses only to catch some Pokémon and freaked out the owner.

freak others

Markets are loaded with Poke- toys

We can’t deny the fact that even if some of us are not the ardent players of the game, these creatures are absolutely adorable. Everybody can have some perks of this addictive game. One being the markets flooded with variety of Pokémon toys. Soft toys, battery operated Pokémon, puzzles and what not. So if you missed the chance of collecting those years back, you have it now.

Pikachu plush toys, top left, are displayed for sale at the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo store in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. Pokemon, a multi-media franchise by Nintendo Co., will mark its 20th anniversary on Feb. 27. Photographer: Yuriko Nakao/Bloomberg

You move out to real world. Eh!

Our generation is often hammered that we don’t leave out to play in the real world; we are stuck to our gadgets. No more of it now. You cannot catch a Pokémon sitting at one place, and definitely not your place. Eventually you have to move out to different places in the “real world” in search of them.

real world

It is after a long time that we came across something different as this. It is real time; it makes us look for the hidden objects. It introduces us to some places we have never thought of going and if we’re one of the lucky birds we may find some new friends making it to our level of craziness and spontaneity. But above all this game is addictive and people love it across the world. What are you waiting for? Go, catch-em-all!