Latest Fashion Styles and Trends For Men

The sartorial splendors have always been glistening by women. From hair-do to shoes, from accessories to clothing women have always grabbed the center stage, but this time let’s captivate the notion and shower some bliss on the opposite gender. Talk about their styles and share some spotlight with them. Scroll through to breakout the latest fashion styles and trends for men.

Men Fashion

Knee skimming shorts

The summers have taken a toll on everyone. The humid weather forces your style statement to take a backseat. But no more distressing, stylists have given a summer friendly mantra. Grab a pair of knee-skimming shorts and pair it up with your favorite tee. Not only are they in this season, but super comfortable.

skimming shorts

Scarf it up with Bandanas

You have already loaded your wardrobes with caps and aviators? It’s time to try something new. Prepare yourself for some scorching sun with Bandanas. And you can thank the heavens for their multipurpose use. Tie them up and give yourself the biker look, or simply twist it around your neck and be the beach boy.

bandana 1

Give yourself shades of Grey and Green

Summers have always been about being bright and colorful. You can very easily break the norm by taking away the color palette. Calm your senses with subtle shades of Grey and Green. Get your proud collars up with some Military Green and off-lane Grey. Flaunt your formals your give your casuals a placid shot.



Go bold with bold slogans

For all those who love minimalist like Tee and Denims, are the lucky ones as they never go off the season. But this time, go for bold and apt slogans. Turn every eye ball towards you with catchy phrases because they’re always alluring and identifiable. Bright colored or the classic black and whites go for whatever your temper complies with.


Ripped Jeans

When somebody said old is gold, he was two hundred percent right. Finally it’s time that you unlock your old trunk and put on some worn out jeans. Some cuts here and there and you’re perfectly ready as new. They are super comfy and totally in style this season for casual wear. Pair it up with your “go bold slogans” and you’re done for the evening.

ragged jeans

Get some Bling with Accessories

There’s a self proclaimed notion that accessories are for women. Well, they are equally good for men, but obviously different from the former. There is a huge variety ranging from chains, rings, bracelets, cuff-links etc. For safer side a beaded bracelet with folded sleeves can never go wrong.

accessories 1

Tap your toes and put on some Sandals

You have had enough of slip-on sneakers and loafers for quite some time now. But your claws couldn’t feel the fresh air. It’s time that you move on with Sandals. And no, we’re not talking about flip-flops or Chappals that can be heard two miles away. Add on some open-toe footwear to your newly managed wardrobe.

footwear 3

Make the streets your style ground and bless yourself with new elements in your closet. Make comfort your style and love the blissful summers. Define your own style statements and burn the world.

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