Should Dating Technique Be Taught in School?

This question has attracted much fame than answers! Would then, there will be any epic love story like Romeo & Juliet? What if Romeo would have followed Dating Techniques? Dating is an opinion based subject, rather than fact-based like Math! Whether including Dating Techniques is vague or helpful is the last question! First, let’s find out what if Dating Technique is taught in school:


  1. Which am I?

The poor child would be caught in the whirlpool of sexuality right from the childhood. I’m not sure about my gender. How many classes to fill if you’re not sure whether you’re homosexual, transgender or heterosexual.Image1Image Credit:


  1. Wait, what are these big words?

Before beginning your Dating lessons, you might want to learn the definition of the complex words like homosexual, transgender, and heterosexual. (As if Cartesian Coordinates or Higgs Boson were not enough!)


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  1. More Theorems:

You can’t get rid of Theorems and Laws, can you? Good Lord, how many theorems to remember in this little brain? Theory of First Date, The Break-Up Theory, Theory of Ignorance, General Dating, and what not! And the worst part? Draw diagrams!


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  1. The memorable practical:

Okay, this one can be the most interesting part of the Dating syllabus. You learned a new trick in the class and you’re supposed to do the practical on one of your classmates. You have to submit a report by the end of the week. It looks pretty from this point, but can be really painstaking if your partner is the ugly guy or fat girl or even worst, your enemy!


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  1. You can’t forget about books:

You can’t learn without books. There you are, sitting in the Dating class where two of the ugliest mismatch teachers in the school are trying to teach you a new lesson from the Dating book. Complex to imagine?


  1. Too many exams:

Like your health class, you gotta score A+ in this one too. What your parents would say? Why there’s not ‘A+’ in Dating? Why can’t you score perfect A’s? And the questions you fear most can be “How to approach the most beautiful girl in the class?” or “How to deal with the strange yet cute boys?”


  1. Those embarrassing moments:

You can’t skip those embarrassing and sad moments when your crush never approaches you to become his/her partner in the Dating Project. And yes, the moment when your teacher asked you “How many dates did you score today?”


  1. I’m proud of you:

And finally, when your parents say, “I’m proud of you son. You can at least score one D in this year’s exam!” That D is for the Dating exam. Soon your parents will say “It’s time to get a job and spouse!”


  1. The icons:

We have Shakespeare for literature, Einstein for Relativity, Newton for Physics, likewise, what about Dating? Casanova, Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron, Barney Stinson, Nick Jonas, Paris Hilton, Jared Leto, ugh, the list is long!