Social Media For E-Commerce Websites & Marketers

We will not start with blabbering about what is social media, its wiki definition etc, we will straight away get to the point – “Social Media For E-commerce Sites and Marketers”

Online social media is one common platform that can bring the buyers and sellers closer to interact and initiate the trading or exchange. It is mutually beneficial and also gives the comfort by engaging online. A lot of online merchants are now considering using emerging platforms like Facebook to attract more customized crowd and target segment. Social media users are now accounts for 1.7 billion users worldwide.

The influence of friends or social network is another important factor that makes the selling possible by the reviews and recommendations. The product sells on the visibility factor that Facebook like platform drives among its members.

One very strong reason for online merchant to consider online marketing is that social media has the good brand recall value what they see on Facebook, twitter etc.

Here are the reasons as to why social media platforms can give the best results for online merchants



There are primarily two advantages that Facebook provides is one being that online merchants can promote heavily to get the organic following of that page over the time. Once the strong following is made then it can be very easy to popularize each and every new offering and it won’t take much time to spread the news like fire on Facebook.

Second option is being the bombarding with the individual posts that guarantees you for increase in the visibility and reach of your brand. Only one thing should be kept in the mind is that the success or failure of above both the ways is dependent on the creative and catchy contents of your product or service promotion.

Paid promotion thorough Facebook

Apart from the organic techniques, online merchants should also consider for the pain promotions. To increase the likes and following the option of boosting the particular post is provided by the Facebook. In which you can advertise your specific product or service offering and make it visible to the thousands of users.

Customization Advantage through Facebook

This is one very unique marketing feature that very few media is offering. Online merchants can target the local customers by making paid promotion visible to only local members. As most of the local vendors has the business either in the one city or in multiple cities of the same state. These boosting of post can be promoted among only local viewers so that you can get the maximum benefits out of it.

Traceably of Facebook promotions

Other media promotions like hoardings, newspaper advertisements cannot be tracked by exact numbers of viewers. While in Facebook marketing you can track the number of people that has seen your advertisement or offering.



Other media sources like Twitter, is also very beneficial as far as promotion is concerned. Online merchants can advertise into Twitter accounts which reach the target audience directly. One can promote about a fresh arrival at the store, or can promote about sales scheme going in the store. The post is Twitted and re twitted and a majority of audience gets to know about any particular scheme. One can even post latest photographs of a particular brand in Instagram. This is another social networking, basically used to promote photographs, and is followed by millions of users. A well designed photograph says million times more as compared to words.

In this article we have mainly focused on Facebook and soon we will come up with another series where we will explain and talk about other platforms in detail.