Advantages of Ordering Food Online in India

While earlier food could be only ordered through Phone in India, with online food ordering websites opening up in India, now it can also be done online. The process of ordering food online is easy; all you need to do is register at any of these websites by providing your Email ID and mobile phone number. Once you are verified, you can log in to the account and select the city you reside in. Once you have selected your city, you can go and select your neighborhood and you will find all the restraints in your neighborhood that have an association with the food ordering website. After selecting the restaurant, you will find the full menu and can select the dishes of your choice after which you can confirm your order. The estimated time for delivery would be mentioned by the restaurant on the website and some restraints may charge extra or have some conditions for delivering food. The advantages of ordering your food online are –


  • Convenience – You don’t need to go out collecting leaflet menus of restraints in your neighborhood. With online food ordering website you can search through various restraints in your neighborhood and browse through their menus. What can be more convenient than sitting in your home or office and ordering your food by just clicking a few items? You don’t need to remember or save the phone number of your favorite restaurants anymore. Some online food ordering websites also save your preferences and hence when you order through them, you don’t need to go through the whole selection process again.
  • Variety – While earlier you had a choice of only the restaurants whose contact information you already had while ordering the food now you have a wide number of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. Some of the websites have a listing of over 1000 restaurant in each big city of India and a customer can find the cuisine of his / her choice in their vicinity. It also helps in the way that many times we avoid the restaurants that might be offering the best quality just because they are not conveniently located and while ordering food online one might give them a try.
  • No complications – Many times while ordering through phone the person taking your order either messes up your order and some of them just don’t order your food on time.  You can avoid complications like these by ordering your food online as you can choose the menu yourself and the portals you are ordering food from mention the estimated time of delivery that a restaurant will take to deliver your food.
  • Assurance – While ordering your food online through an online portal you are assured that the restaurant can’t take your order for granted and will have to deliver the quality it promises and also do that in time. If you face any kind of problem or find your food unsatisfactory than what was mentioned, you can always register a complaint against the restaurant on the website and can also write a review which will let other people to avoid the restaurant when they order.

Top Online Food Order Websites in India

  • Foodpanda
  • Justeat
  • Tastykhana
  • Dominos
  • Pizza Hut

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