Analysis – Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in India

We recently did an Analysis of Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in India and even created a precised power point presentation which you can find at Slideshare here, in this post we will summarize what we have presented in the presentation.

The Indian online retail story is getting bigger by the day, with new entrants jumping in for their share of the pie. When we at decided to find the ‘Top 10’ online shopping websites currently operational in India, it wasn’t an easy job as most of the online retailers are ‘private’ companies and they are under no compulsion to disclose information regarding their business. We decided to make use of whatever data was available freely on the internet regarding Indian online retail and studies published on it, for our analysis, which also included customer reviews and easily available information like policy and customer support. One common thread we found was that homegrown ventures were doing much better than the international ‘giants’ , the international online retailers have tried different approaches to become the market leaders but are not anywhere close to dominate in India.

top 10 shopping sites india

In the rankings, was an obvious choice for the number 1 position, as the company has continuously demonstrated over the last few years that it understands what the Indian consumer needs – great prices, fast shipments, swift refunds and great customer support. It also became the first online retailer in India to reach the $1 billion GMV milestone in March this year. There was a tough dilemma in deciding the no.2 and no.3 spot between & but we finally tilted towards as it started almost 5 years after EBay and has made quite a mark in the minds of Indian shoppers., due to its reach through television and having the highest traffic of low budget shoppers came on no.4 spot. Again, the no.5 & no.6 gave each other a close fight but won the battle because of greater visibility and recall value than made a late entry in India and is yet to catch up in the big leagues and hence has to be satisfied with the no.7 spot. is a great retailer but in its quest to do a lot many things in the same time has lost the charm that other online retailers flaunt; the company was assigned no.8 spot in our rankings. came at no.9 and we feel it can do much better by focusing on growing its operations in India first before venturing out in the global retail business. Finally, the last on the list has everything by its side, the best user interface, policy, products but it needs to work on its visibility and ‘Brand’ promotion to get the required traffic.

As the number of Internet users explode in coming years, we guys at will keep a close eye on how the Indian online retail story pans out and will keep  coming out with an updated ‘Top 10’ Online shopping websites list each year.