Importance of Social Media Marketing in E-Commerce

Importance of Social Media Marketing in E-Commerce

Social Media and E-commerce are two different things. But of late their secret liaison has prompted many Management Gurus and Business Strategist of the world to peep deeper inside their adulterous relationship.  I am using the world adulterous because everything is going unofficial in a hidden way! But as long as consumers, e-commerce companies and social media companies are getting benefited with it, then well, I don’t think there should be any problem to anyone!

No doubt, these days, Social Media has become the most powerful weapon for winning the battle for E-commerce companies. It is very important in shaping the success path for E-commerce companies. But a very crucial thing, here to be noted is that, it can be equally dangerous, if not done appropriately. Some of the common mistakes that most of the E-commerce Companies do; is to directly propagate about their products or services.

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From 10 years, that I have spent in the field of marketing, being continuously in link with thousands of clients from diverse business fields, what I learnt is that, never speak about your company’s products or services to clients. We Indian’s have a habit of speaking more and listening less to others! The same thing applies here. Your prospective client or consumer is not at all interested in listening what you want to say! Rather he wants you to listen about him, about his business, his clients and lot more!

Through Social Media, prospective clients and consumers can be turned or diverted to your way by networks, interaction, and chat on community forums. It is much better to start with some informal, non-serious type of discussion or by sharing information on chat windows or by engaging in any other interesting discussion of day-to-day topics of common interest, on community forums.

Ideal thing will be to show your presence on Social Media, but passively and silently. Placing social media icons on each page can direct the users towards your website. Some other common mistakes that anyone should avoid is placing boring and unrelated content, jumping all of sudden in the vast ocean of Social Media without having any concrete plan in hand, not responding or ignoring visitors complaints or queries, trying to promote your product to anyone, focusing more on instant results rather than building long term relationship, inability to materialize further on leads, pushing such products to customers which they don’t require at all and not accessing the real powers of your competitors.

There’s no doubt that the reach of Social Media is increasing at a much faster rate. Every hour, every minute, every second, hundreds and thousands of new users are being added. It’s an excellent opportunity to make them your own! But all depends on how you are handling. You will be happy to know that a significant portion of Facebook users love to browse about products and like brand pages on FB!

The first thing what you need to do, is to develop a strong community forum on social media platforms and initiating and influencing a discussion on a brand. Try to create awareness about your brand on such platforms.

Best of Luck and Have a nice time!!