How to book cheap tickets in India

With the economic empowerment of the middle class, the option to travel by air has become a viable option. However, due to the middle class saving mentality and higher fares, this route of travel is often been dumped after some consideration. The lack of knowledge of the yield management employed by airlines in which the rate of tickets fluctuate regularly, means they can’t benefit from it. Here, we are going to list some pointers using which you can exploit opportunities for your financial advantage.

cheap ticket booking

  1. Check Fares Weeks in Advance

Most Airlines change fares multiple times even in a space of week. So, in order to book a cheap ticket, the timing is very important. The best procedure to get the cheapest possible tickets would be to check fares as soon as realize you would be travelling. For the international tickets, it is best to check fares around three to five months in advance. While for the domestic flights, it is tricky to pin down ideal time, it is advised to start checking at least three months in advance. And, ensure that you check fares often until you find the best price.

  1. Some Days Are Cheaper

According to studies, some days in a week are cheaper to fly in comparison to others. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest for the domestic flights, whereas the weekends are the most expensive. The reason for this is that people travel more often on weekends and the Airlines generally struggle to fill seats for mid-week.

  1. Last Minute Deals

Sometimes, due to failure in filling the remaining seats, the air carriers might release last minute cheap deals to fill the flights. To avail such deals, sign up with popular booking sites such as Yatra and Makemytrip along with airline websites. However, there may be a risk involved in this as you might end up paying exorbitant prices due to last minute rush and high demand.

  1. Follow On Social Media

Most travel management agencies and airlines have increasingly started exploiting social media to market their services. Sometimes to attract more customers and increase their presence, they often release some attractive deals. These deals which might be dressed as festive offers is only available for social media followers. However, you will have to be quick because these offers can be gone within hours.

  1. Sign Up For Alerts

Sign up for alerts with popular travel agency websites such as Makemytrip and Yatra. So, whenever there is a dip in air tickets or some new deal is released, you will be notified and would be in best position to exploit it.

  1. Check Multiple Websites

Relying on single website or source to get cheap tickets is plain silly. Always, visit as many as possible websites, so that you can find the best possible deal out there.

  1. Clear Cookies And Cache

Always clear cookies and cache in between airline searches. This will ensure that the old prices and your preferences aren’t used to cheat you out of best deals. This practice is widespread in which your browsing data is used and exploited by websites.