Versatile India – 5 Must See Places in India

India has always been a fascinating land for all the tourists around the globe. The heritage and culture has a magnetism that attracts many globe-trotters towards it. Undeniably, India is rich in art and culture and its heritage is simply invincible. There is a huge diversity of religions and people of countless cultures reside over here. The auspicious and colorful land of India is an ideal place to visit once in a lifetime. There is magnetic opulence scenic beauty, grand mountains of Himalayas, superlative backwaters of Kerala, party land of Goa and much more.

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Let’s take a sneak peek at the top 5 visitations of India:

  • Golden Temple: Golden Temple is among the most auspicious places to visit in India. It was founded by Guru Ram Das ji in the year 1577. Proudly resting in the arms of Amritsar, the pious shrine is spreading purity in all the directions. The shrine is holding proud heritage of Sikhism. The tomb of Golden Temple is made up of pure gold. Tones of gold are used to frame the doors of the shrine. There have been tales of hidden treasure in veiled doors of Golden Temple. The decoration of the place is simply mind blowing at night. It is a must visit place in India.
  • Udaipur: The imperial land of Udaipur is an ideal locale for honeymooners. The place has got a superlative assortment of majestic palaces and serene lakes. The heritage of Rajasthan royals is finely accumulated at the royal museums. The wall carvings that you will find at the palaces are invincible and they serve as an eye candy to the visitors. People from far off visits Udaipur to enjoy majestic ambience of the locale.
  • Goa: India houses the vigorous land of Goa where party never ends. It is an ideal place for the party lovers. The place houses all the top-notch chain of hotels and exotic beaches. The grandeur of the place is magnetic and it is a mandatory visitation for all the visitors of India. Goa illustrates the vivacious side of India and the splendid exquisiteness of Goa will make you fall in love with it.
  • Leh-Ladakh: Leh-ladakh is an astonishing gateway that houses the most spectacular view of lakes and mountains. There are magical lakes that changes after every passing second. The best time to view the enchanting water is at night. The magical water of the lakes changes its color with rising sun and offer a magnificent view at night as the light of stars make the water shine and twinkle all night that makes view of the place more charismatic.
  • Backwaters of Kerala: If you are looking for an ideal place to visit with your partner, I would say that The Backwaters of Kerala is the only option for you. Finely touching the coast of Arabian Sea, the place is blessed with charismatic beauty that lures every eye. You can take a cruise at the backwaters that is an assortment of various lakes, canals etc. Major part of Kerala is covered with the water.

These all are the top 5 stopovers of India and a trip to India is unfinished without visiting all these regions.