Excessive Use Of Gadgets By Kids- Development or Disaster?

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Within the last decade, technology has become a primary part of our livelihoods. Not only in the communication sphere, but the rapid digital revolution has totally changed the educational and learning scenario. The younger generation is learning faster and the level of education they are getting, are of high potentiality.

Development or Disaster?

However, one cannot deny the adverse impact of technology, especially upon the kids. Even children from 2-5 years of age group are getting exposure to digital gadgets. A research has shown that 29% kids are spending vast amounts of time playing video games, watching TV and surfing devices. 70% of them spend time texting, chatting and spending times on the social media. 62% children are alarmingly withdrawing from outdoor games and physical activities. 12% spend time around a computer. The decline of social interaction skill are making them incapable of face-to-face communication; thus creating an emotional distance with friends and parents.


  1. Addiction towards gadgets is giving rise to problems like sleeplessness, lack of concentration, anxiety and mood disorders. 42% of the children within 12 yrs of age suffer from lack of concentration and high level of insomnia.
  1. Although it cannot be denied that the children find gadgets the easiest way to learn colors, words, solve puzzles, play scribbles etc. But we can’t deny that continuous usage of gadgets and internet are snatching away the thinking capacity of a child. Nowadays, every dot of information is available on the internet and thus, the kids are left with little to imagine and fantasise.
  1. Another disadvantage is that digital gadgets are deterring the kids to indulge in their creative and artistic pursuits. Technical gadgets can be blamed for destroying a massive number of potentials. 95% of the kids, irrespective of their age spend time on the social media instead of indulging in creating something.


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Cyber Bullying

One of the worst impacts, the kids are facing as a result of technology addiction is Cyber bullying. Harassment, humiliation, threats have entered into the virtual world also. Sadly, above 25% of our kids have already been the victims of cyber bullying through their phones or internet.

It is a declared fact that the most number of cyber bullied victims are kids. The emotional and physical consequences of bullying upon the children are horrific; their self-confidence and self-esteem get lowered down, many kids end up emotionally and psychologically distressed and some kids are even turning to fatal tendencies. Around 10% of the victims have tried taking their lives.

So it is needless to say that unregulated use of technology and gadgets by children can really take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Spending numerous hours on the internet, online games and social media are directly taking the kids into a world of social anxiety. Of course, in this age one cannot do without the internet or the electronic devices, but a few strict regulations thoroughly need to be followed for children like limiting the screen time, encouraging them to play outside and expressing their imaginary pursuits. Otherwise, social apathy will be the only thing that would be embracing our children.

Cyberbullying Victim

So, the new age parents must be aware of these problems and should try to keep their children away from the gadgets during their play days as much as possible.