Facebook – What Is It Taking Away From Us!

Facebook Impacts On Life

Years ago when Facebook was first introduced to us, everyone erupted with joy as they have found a way to remain in contact with their friends and acquaintances. It opened a new avenue for all by which everybody can stay connected with anyone they want. But, now the very basis of Facebook is being questioned. The reason is not difficult to decipher. We are living in an era where everyone is suffering from this epidemic called “overexposure to Facebook”. Whatever we are doing, thinking and feeling is getting posted online with just one click of a mouse and we are contented with a number of likes and comments we are getting. We don’t even measure the emptiness of these virtual pleasures.

In fact, it is now said that Facebook has affected our lives in an adverse way!

  1. Family Time

How many of us really have a quality family time? If you look around carefully you will find that majority of the people are engrossed in reading Facebook posts than engaging in a hearty chitchat with their parents and siblings. As soon as we return from our work, we just switch on our internet and laptop and enter into the addictive world of Facebook. We rarely ask our parents how their day went, but is more than eager to know how our friends spend the day by scrolling through their online posts and pictures. Personal interaction has succumbed to virtual interaction.

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  1. Productivity

In the workplace too, people can’t simply stay off from social networking sites like Facebook. The reason is that they feel disconnected from the outer world if they do so. Their tendency to login to Facebook has indeed hampered productivity to some extent. The concentration with which they do certain work gets affected as they mentally deviate to some completely alien virtual world. As a result, many workplaces have put a restriction of accessing Facebook during office hours.

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  1. Interactivity

Do we engage in real interaction on Facebook? By interaction, we mean engaging in deep conversation with a person and thereby knowing him/her closely. But when we are sitting in front of a computer and can’t see the person we are chatting with, then we cannot say we are interacting. Facebook has taken away the real interaction and replaced it virtually. We are merely engaging in a written exchange of words, not really fathoming the person. This impacts our real life interaction too as we are affected by the shallowness of virtual interaction.

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  1. Dependency on others

Facebook has really taken away our individualism. What we think or say is now dependent on the ratification of others. If we post something online and it generates numerous likes and comments, we feel an innate happiness as we have mentally become dependent on the validation of others. People who are addicted to Facebook keep their public life out in the open so that people can read and react to them. Naturally the issue of privacy is questioned here as Facebook has broken all the barriers between what is private and what is public.

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