Amazon India Adds Footwear To Their Product Range

In its endeavor to become the number one online retailer in India, Amazon India has recently added Sports & Fitness Products and Today they have Launched Footwear to its product offerings. The retailer which till now sold products in other hot-selling categories like Electronics, Books, Home & Kitchen etc apart from its much in demand eBook reader ‘Kindle’ is now offering footwear from all the leading International brands to its Indian customers.

Amazon India is working its way up like the proverbial tortoise, by increasing its product categories one step at a time. It seems the company is focusing on building product verticals slowly so that it can ensure that each of the category is well stocked and has a lot of options to choose from instead of jumping in all at once like the other online retailers, who have a lot of operational product categories but lack in providing a lot of options to the Customer.


The new category ‘Shoes’ added by Amazon offers different types of footwear for Men, Women and Kids which includes Fashion Sandals, Slippers, Moccasins, Flip Flops, Boots, Formal Shoes, Sport Shoes, Sneakers, Pumps and Peeptoes. Amazon India has left no stone unturned before launching this category hence all the top footwear brands like Crocs, Puma, Redtape, Carlton, Kittens, Converse, Lee Cooper, Jove, Provouge, Nike, Adidas, Disney, HM, Barbie etc. can be found on the website.

What even makes it better for online shoppers is the 100% purchase protection guarantee provided by Amazon India. So no matter which seller one is buying their shoes from on the website rest assured they will only get genuine products, the transactions would be secure and in case a customer doesn’t like what she bought, returning it and getting a refund will be convenient.

The race to the top in Indian online retail is getting arduous with each passing day. Players like, which rose too high too quickly by adding a lot of registered users through offering them ‘deals’ are going to face stiff competition from the Giant online retailers of the world. The Indian players will have to thank the ambiguous policies of Indian government regarding FDI in multi brand retail, which is stopping their global counterpart from doing direct retailing in India.

Check Out The Entire Range Of Footwear at Amazon India Here