5 Things That Will Make Your Sister Happy This Rakhi

Sisters make the default best friends in the world by birth. She can make you go crazy, fights with you over silliest things like a TV remote or a piece of chocolate to share but she showers upon unconditional love for her brothers.

Remember how in childhood you and your sister were inseparable and somewhere down the line you feel now maybe you are not that open about your feelings when we grew up. So here is your chance make up to her.

The festival of Rakhi stands for the inseparable bond of love and trust between brothers and sisters, the bond that they have shared since the days of playing in their cradles. So gear up because the festival of Rakshi is just around the corner and here is a list of things that you can do to make your sister happy this Rakhi.

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1)     Take out time and spend it with her

All sisters want some attention from her dear brothers on this festival. So you can go and catch up with your sister. You can go watch a movie with her or try doing something amusing and fresh, like cooking together and take the whole family by surprise.  These activities will not only help you bond more but in the future you’ll always have great stories to narrate about Raksha Bandhan.

2)     Gift her something
All girls love surprise gifts and so do our sisters. There is nothing as effective as a gift when it comes to bringing a smile on someone’s face. You can gift her favorite chocolates, books or maybe a personalized mug for ‘World’s best sister’.  Seems a little stretched too far? Well you know your sister the best and you can do something different, think out of the box, remember what she likes and go get her that. By the way Archies & Printvenue are 2 sites, I will surely recommend you to check out some exciting Rakhi Gifts

3)     Go out for lunch or shopping
There is no better way than lunch to start a good conversation with your sister. Go to her favorite restaurant. Here’s a tip, order something different this time, you both may like it and if not, there you go you something to talk about! The next thing you can do is to take her to shopping. All girls love shopping and this will make your sister very glad if you spend some bucks to buy her the dress she has been saving all that money for. Pro Tip: Shop online and save your bucks as well!

4)     Incite your creativity and get something personalized for her
If you think that giving gifts has become clichéd, then be creative and unconventional and write her a card. You can write a poem for her or just explain how special she is. This gift will be better than any extravagant item you can buy off the market and your sister will cherish it forever.

5)     Since it’s not only about ‘Raksha’ but empowerment in the present
All sisters need to hear is that they are loved but you don’t need go over the boundaries and be overprotective.  She can fight for herself. All you need is to make her realize that you’ll always stand by her if she needs you.

This Raksha Bandhan celebrate her independence and equality.