Where To Go For New Year 2016

Celebrating New Year in solitude is one way to welcome the New Year that’s boring and monotonous. If you are thinking of having some fun at this New Years’ eve and welcome 2016 in style then you are at the right place. Here we will suggest you on where to go for New Year 2016 so that you can enjoy the change of year to the fullest. Do remember to plan a long holiday as all these destinations celebrate the New Year for a few days at least.

new year

Image Credit To: barcelonayellow.com

  1. New York: Yes, you guessed it right. There’s no place better than celebrating New Year at the Times Square of New York city where thousands of people gather for the ball drop. It’s an exhilarating experience where even the loneliest person can feel like a part of something special. Everyone is in a cheerful mood and you cannot help but feel anticipation of the ball drop. The festivities do not end with the dropping of the ball and usually continue for the entire night with live band performances and awesome atmosphere.
  2. Edinburgh: If you wish to extend the splendid experience of New Year’s Eve then you can visit Edinburgh. Here you can participate in the torchlight procession through the city that lasts for 3 days. You can also enjoy various street parties and concerts that will fill you up with happiness. As nearly 4.5 tons of fireworks are used at midnight of the 31st and you can clearly imagine that your eyes will be dazzled for a long period of time.
  3. Berlin: Have you imagined yourself wandering in a 2 km stretch of bars, food stalls, laser shows, party tents, video screens, food stalls and music stages? If not, visit Berlin this new year and witness it for real. Also, don’t forget to dance with the crowd throughout the night and end it all by observing the weird pancake race known as the Berlin Silversterlauf that will help you begin the first day of the New Year with a smile.
  4. Sydney: Sydney is the first place where New Year begins. Here the Sydney Harbour is where all the action is. The fireworks are a must see for everyone in one lifetime. You can enjoy the fireworks from a rooftop, a public viewing area or cruise the harbour. Opera lovers can also welcome the New Year at Sydney Opera House. Party lovers can welcome the New Year with the Opera Bar beach party that goes on forever (just kidding but it’s really long).

Walt Disney: Families that have children cannot celebrate the New Year better than visiting the Walt Disney World. The midnight fireworks show can be the end of a perfect fun filled day over here. Live entertainment, dance parties and confetti explosions would keep all the members of a family enchanted. The jungle parade organized at the Magic Kingdom would make your kids’ overjoyed and you will be their hero for life.